IT Vendors Putting Their $44 Billion Where Their R&D Is

December 28

I did something a little crazy over the holidays:  I read through the latest couple of 10-Ks and/or annual reports from the last few years from roughly the twenty largest IT vendors in the world.  I did this in search of R&D spending – was it still happening, who was doing it.

I came up with a list that includes 16 large vendors that disclose R&D expense in their respective “Statements of Operations.”  In order by 2008 fiscal revenue, largest-to-smallest, the list includes HP, IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, Apple, Oracle, Google, EMC, SAP, Seagate, Symantec, AMD, CA and NetApp.  I also looked into Accenture, CSC, Asustek, Lenovo and Sun and a few others but for a variety of reasons, such as the lack of disclosure of R&D expenses, I decided not to include them in the analysis mix. (more…)

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