What’s New As Sun Goes Under?

I love sunsets, most of us do. My front deck in Belmont, CA looks due west and every night if we aren’t fogged in or it isn’t cloudy, and here in the hills of Belmont that is about 2/3rds of the days, we are blessed to witness the sun dipping over the low but lovely Santa Cruz Mountain peaks that separate Half Moon Bay from Silicon Valley – plenty of Creamsicle skies. Since I haven’t purchased a Cisco Flip yet and so haven’t recorded a sunset from my deck yet (note to family:  a missed holiday gift opportunity), I am sharing a short sunset I found on YouTube of one of the loveliest spots on earth, Gay Head on Martha’s Vineyard.

But I do not at all enjoy Sun Microsystems dipping over the the horizon of the IT landscape. When the Web exploded during the mid-to-late 1990s Sun was a darling of the new echelon. Their commitment to R&D resulted in a best-of-breed trifecta that included their own chips (Sparc), operating system (Solaris) and programming environment (Java). Add the fact that they “got” the Web in terms of vision evident by the prescient “the network is the computer” tagline and Sun basked in several years of notable success.


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